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Cruising Fleet Program


Fleet Co-captains: Ryan and Carolyn Heath

Email: cruising@kingstonyachtclub.ca


Welcome to the Cruising Fleet!


Please do join us! We welcome all KYC members to our events! Our aim is to assemble a wide variety of events that are as inclusive of your interests and motivations in, around and beside the water. So, whether you are a new member of KYC, an adult learn to sail graduate, associate member, powerboat operator, aspiring boat owner or established sailor, please look us up!


This year’s program will vary from single day events, to full weekends and some longer adventures of a week or longer. Road access to our events is also important, to ensure that all KYC members can attend the key event dates, and also in case of inclement weather. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do contact (TBA), or the individual event organizer.

We do also welcome your suggestions and input. Please see our 2018 event calendar below. Updates regarding events will be issued via e-mail and through a link in the weekly Knotmeter to the Cruising section of the KYC web-site. If your name is not yet on our contact e-mail list, please let us know using the contact information above.


Information about events is also posted as the season progresses on the Cruisers Notice Board in the Sunshine Room (west end of the main floor behind the fireplace). If you plan to attend an event, please reply to e-mail notices or use the sign-up sheets on the Cruiser’s Notice Board so that the event coordinator will know how many to expect. Note that some events do require pre-booking for slips, moorings and tickets.


The KYC Cruising Fleet members can be easily identified afloat by their Cruising burgees, flown below our KYC pennant on each boat’s signal halyard. Burgees are issued to all Cruising Fleet members, starting with the basic pennant, 5 year pennant and our new 10 year pennant. Please contact me directly should you require a burgee - we have them in stock.


As approved by the membership at the November 2016 KYC Annual General Meeting, Associate Members who own boats are welcome to use Jemmett’s Landing for a $200 seasonal fee!


When your membership renewal package arrives from the General Manager’s Office, look for the “Associate Member Jemmett’s Seasonal Wet Mooring Fee” or contact Greg McNab directly for more information. We hope to see you all enjoying the Club Property next summer!


The link below is to our Jemmett`s Landing web page, and describes property location, facilities, policy and guidelines:




Jemmett’s Landing Mooring Balls: All four mooring balls are now available for your use at Jemmett’s.


The Thousand Islands National Parks has a detailed listing of facilities status. Recommend to all to review prior to heading down river. Details are updated regularly for each island;




For more information, please contact Thousand Islands National Park at 613-923-5261, or by email at ont-ti@pc.gc.ca.”


At present there are four major awards issued to Cruising Fleet members.


1.     The Fort Frontenac Cruising Cup (FFCC). To meet the requirements for the award, cruisers must sail to a set of places in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. The FFCC Log, which can be downloaded from the Cruising section of the KYC website or picked up at the KYC office or bar, lists the requirements that need to be completed to earn this award. Copies of the LOG can be downloaded by clicking here                         

2.        The Brass Winch Award – Recognition for doing something good for another boater, in terms of rendering assistance, good seamanship or enhancing safety.

3.        The Broken Winch Award – Recognition of an unfortunate event or incident of the past season, where perhaps an aspect of good seamanship is lacking or one’s actions were (unfortunately!) witnessed. Launch your spinnaker upside down, perhaps?

4.        The Long Haul Award – For those boaters (sail or power) who have travelled beyond Lake Ontario or down the St Lawrence River past Brockville for at least 1 month.

 Please note that the Cruising Awards are under review and development. More to follow.



Cruising Resources


A Cruising Resources page has been set up for additional resources and information that are of interest to Cruisers. Access this page here: http://www.kingstonyachtclub.com/index.cfm?ID=324



Cruising Schedule




(to be confirmed)

Gananoque Cruise and Thousand Islands Playhouse

Start your cruising season with our annual cruise to Gananoque. We plan, weather permitting, to sail to Jemmett’s Landing on Friday, and then into Gananoque Marina for Saturday for dinner and show.

Contact: Gananoque Marina to reserve your slip

 ( 613-382-2149 Ext.1514).

June 23-24, 2018

(to be confirmed)

Mackenzies’ Cottage Visit - Amherst Island

         Enjoy a daysail to Amherst Island and have your lunch at Judith and Robert Mackenzie's place on Amherst Island. It's about a two hour sail from KYC to their cottage located on the North Channel east of Stella. Just raft or anchor and proceed ashore or alternatively go by car (access via the Amherst Island Ferry). It's a rain or shine event. Sunday 25 June is our alternate date should Saturday’s weather be severe.

July 21, 2018

Partridge Bowl: Chase Race to Jemmett’s Landing

This is a fun event for all sailors: our usual Le Mans start: slower boats start first, larger and faster boats follow. Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow members at the Club Property. Outdoor BBQ dinner follows an afternoon swim.

See details in Keelboat Racing Schedule section of the “Sailors Handbook”

.(to be confirmed)

Cruise to Bath and Visit / Tour of MacKinnon Brothers Brewery

A fun weekend away! Sail with us to Bath and enjoy a personalized tour and tasting at MacKinnon Brothers. Transport to and from the docks will be graciously provided by our hosts..

Reserve with Greg McNab, General Manager, at

manager@kingstonyachtclub.ca; or call

 (613) 548-3052

July 26 to Aug 4, 2018

(to be confirmed)

Mid Distance Cruise: An opportunity to cross the Lake in company of friends, take in the wonderful Oswego Harborfest and meet up with everyone else in Waupoos for the August Long weekend.

Planned route: Kingston - Main Duck Island - Oswego (US port of entry) - Henderson Harbour (alternate Sackets Harbour ) - Waupoos Marina (re-enter Canada)

Aug 4-6, 2018

(to be confirmed)

(August Civic holiday long weekend)

Waupoos Rendezvous Weekend

This is our own KYC away event!

Arrive Waupoos Marina Saturday August 4. 16 slips have been reserved. Swim, relax and socialize this long weekend. Depart Waupoos on Civic Holiday, Monday August 6. Reduced rates for on site camping available for those arriving by road.

See details below.

Aug 10-12, 2018

(to be confirmed)

*See note enclosed*

Jemmett’s Landing RV: an informal weekend away.

Join us to swim, relax, sit around the campfire and share in the camaraderie of fellow KYC members.

Aug 17-19, 2018

(confirmed, see changes for 2018)

Picton Jazz Festival Cruise

An annual favourite! The annual KYC Jazz Cruise brings boaters and non-boaters alike to the Picton harbour for a weekend that includes a catered dinner (BYO), a Picton Jazz Festival concert and usually one other evening activity. 2018 will be the 11th year that KYC Cruisers have held this event and there has always been a decent fleet of participants. If weather permits, there is an overnight rendezvous along the way for boaters that can get on the water ahead of the weekend.  For jazz enthusiasts, the Picton Jazz Festival draws high calibre musicians who perform at different  venues around town. For others, it is enough just to browse through the bookstore, check out the new shops on Main Street or drop into the many cafes and restaurants. Participants will be asked to order their own tickets for the selected weekend show (more details to follow) and information about the dinner and other activities will be advertised to club members to “opt in”. Details will be shared in the Knotmeter as more details for this year’s Jazz Festival become available.

Sept 1-3, 2018

(to be confirmed)

Labour Day long weekend: Clayton NY RV?

Oct 6-8, 2018

(to be confirmed)

Thanksgiving at Jemmett’s: All Comers Event

For most of us, a last good sail and weekend away to enjoy our Club property. Potluck Thanksgiving supper early on Sunday afternoon. Will the famous “Road Kill Turkey” make a reappearance? A great way to close out another season on the water.

Nov 2018

(to be confirmed)

Cruisers Annual General Meeting

Note: The information below is left on line for future reference. This trip took place years ago.


Additional Planning Details for Lap of Prince Edward County and Waupoos Rendezvous 2016



Leg 1:  Monday 25 July: depart KYC for Prinyer’s Cove Marina. Distance - 21 nm,

contact details: e-mail - barbdon@kos.net, tel: (613) 476-6835. VHF 68. Both mooring balls and slips alongside reserved. Pot luck BBQ ashore at the lovely Marina clubhouse


Leg 2:  Tuesday 26 July: depart Prinyer’s Cove for Bay of Quinte Yacht Club, Belleville. Distance - 34 nm. VHF 68. Option to anchor across from Belleville, east of town of Rossmore. Also can stop short and anchor east of Wallbridge Point.


Leg 3:  Wednesday 27 July: depart BQYC via the Murray Canal for Presqu’ile Bay. Distance - 18 nm. Destination Harbourview Marina and Cafe, Brighton. Contact e-mail:

marinacafe@gosport.ca, Tel: (613) 475-1515. Both mooring balls and slips alongside reserved. Dinner at the Marina Cafe.

Alternate: Presqu’ile Public Wharf. Municipal dock located on the peninsula, west of Salt Point. No services except for a Port-a-Potty. Concrete 100 foot dock with lighting. Very quiet. Lovely walk to the lighthouse. Ample depth alongside south side of dock


Note: Murray Canal VHF 14. Have your $5.00 ready in cash to transit the canal.


Leg 4:  Thursday 28 July: evening flotilla departure with overnight passage to Main Duck Island. Distance - 57nm. Arriving Friday morning, plan to anchor and raft together along the north shore, approximately one-half mile west of Schoolhouse Bay. Can also proceed to public docks in Schoolhouse Bay, which is very well protected. Limited depth, so keep to the outside corner of the docks. Parks Canada location, so usual fees apply. Spend the day at Main Duck Island.


Alternate A: Solo day passage from Presqu’ile Bay to Main Duck outside of Prince Edward County, or backtrack ‘inland’ via Trenton, Belleville, Long Reach to Waupoos


Alternate B: Route Presqu’ile Bay to Long Point and anchor. Distance 46.5nm. Following day then proceed Long Point to Waupoos, distance 8.5 nm.


Note: If delayed due to wind or weather, delete Main Duck Island and proceed direct to Waupoos and anchor off Waupoos Island. Total distance of 55 nm


Leg 5: Saturday 30 July: Depart Main Duck Island for Waupoos Marina. Distance 19 nm

20 Slips reserved. Contact e-mail: rick@waupoosmarina.ca, Tel: (613) 476-2926, VHF 68

Pot Luck Dinner ashore. Swim and relax.


Two nights planned at Waupoos Marina. Sunday evening: live entertainment provided by local band Six Feet. Bring your dancing shoes!


Leg 6: Monday 01 August: Depart Waupoos for Kingston. Distance - 31 nm, routing south of Amherst Island. Else total distance of 33 nm, routing north of Amherst Island via the PEC-Amherst Island “Gap”


Total planned trip of 161 nm



Distance - in nm

VMG - in knots

Time (hours + min)

1. KYC - Prinyers Cove Marina, via North Channel


4 knots

5 knots

6 knots




2. Prinyers - BQYC,

via Long Reach and Telegraph Narrows


4 knots

5 knots

6 knots




3. BQYC - Presqu’ile Bay,

via Trenton and Murray Canal


4 knots

5 knots

6 knots




4. Presqu’ile - Main Duck Island via Scotch Bonnet, Point Petre (open lake sail)


4 knots

5 knots

6 knots




4B. Presqu’ile - Long Point,

via Scotch Bonnet, Point Petre


4 knots

5 knots

6 knots




5. Main Duck Island - Waupoos, via Prince Edward Bay


4 knots

5 knots

6 knots




5B. Long Point - Waupoos,

via Prince Edward Bay


4 knots

5 knots

6 knots




6. Waupoos - KYC via direct, south of Amherst Island


4 knots

5 knots

6 knots




6B. Waupoos - KYC via ‘Gap’ and north of Amherst


4 knots

5 knots

6 knots