Member Roster Guide

Step by Step KYC Roster Guide

Please follow these steps to add or remove your information from the KYC Member Roster. This roster will be posted on the Member's Area of the website so that members may more easily communicate with each other. The KYC Member Roster will only be accessible by KYC Members.

Step 1 - Logging into your KYC account.

Point your browser to www.kingstonyachtclub.com/account .

Enter your username and password in the boxes provided and press "login". If you would like to stay logged in for future visits please select the check box "remember me"!

Step 2 - Finding your profile

You should now see a screen that looks something like this:

Select "My Member Profile" to continue.

Step 3 - Choosing the information to display in the KYC Member Roster

Now you should see a page that has three tabs: "General", "Contact Info" and "Access Info". Selecting these tabs will bring up different information about you.

  • General Info contains basic info about you like your name and birthday.
  • Contact Info contains info like your phone number, postal address and email address.
  • Access Info will allow you to change your password used to log on to your account.

Click the "Show" Box next to the information you want to share with other members. The check mark indicates that the information will be shown and a blank box indicates it will not.

You can use this opportunity to update any information that needs changing simply by entering the new information.

Make sure you click save before leaving the page!

For help on this topic or other online features please contact the main office.