Cruising Fleet - Resources

Cruising Fleet - Resources

KYC Cruising Resources Table of Contents:  (last updated April 21, 2016)

  1. List of Clubs with whom we have Reciprocal Privileges: LOCCA web-site
  2. Awards Criteria and Nomination Form
  3. Latest Cruisers AGM Minutes: Meeting Held 12 November 2015
  4. AGM Itinerary for Meeting Held 12 November 2015
  5. Nautical Cruising Solutions: Tips and Tricks for Comfortable Cruising
  6. DTOPS Criteria and Application (was the Y-68)
  7. Jemmett’s Landing Driving Directions link
  8. NEXUS Link
  9. Engine Oil Testing

1.        List of Clubs with whom we have reciprocal privileges:

Please visit the Lake Ontario Club Cruisers Association web-site at:


This organization was recently formed to consolidate and simplify reciprocal privileges between participating yacht clubs on Lake Ontario. Simply put, the aim is to have a unified cruising reciprocal policy for all 60 Lake Ontario Yacht Clubs.


Note: Should you have experiences or observations with other Clubs while exercising reciprocal privileges that fellow cruisers would find valuable, please let us know! Contact your Cruising Fleet Co-Captains at kyc.cruisers.2016@gmail.com Thank-you!

2.        Cruising Awards –Nomination Form

for Cruising Fleet Dinner and Awards Night

Please take a moment to nominate those whom you believe to be deserving of a Cruising Award. The names of the first three awards are self explanatory and brief terms of reference for each award are described below. Skippers who have completed the requirements of the Fort Frontenac Cruising Cup should submit their completed Log to June Blackburn or Karen Kitney.

Awards Available

The Long Haul Award – Outside Lake Ontario/St Lawrence

The Broken Winch Award – something bad

The Brass Winch Award – something good

Fort Frontenac Cruising Cup - FFCC

Name of Award_______________________________________________

Nominee            _______________________________________________

Details of Why the Nominee is Deserving of the Award

Signature of Nominator________________________________

Please return completed forms by email to June Blackburn at jblackburnca@hotmail.com or Karen Kitney at kitneyk@kingston.net by December 20, 2015.

The Long Haul Award

Terms for receiving this award:

1.        Must be a member of KYC, in good standing,

2.        Must have traveled outside the limits of the Fort Frontenac Cruising Cup, ie outside of Lake Ontario and east of Brockville on the St. Lawrence River,

3.        Must cruise in these areas for at least one (1) month,

4.        This will be awarded to any number of cruisers that meet the above requirements in a calendar year as chosen by the Cruising Awards Committee.

The Brass Winch Award

Terms for receiving this award:

1.        Must be a KYC member, in good standing,

2.        Must have done something good for another cruiser(s) or vessel(s),

3.        Can be something that happened anywhere on the water, ie Lake Ontario, the St Lawrence River, or further afloat,

4.        This will be awarded to the cruiser(s) that have been nominated and deemed to have done the best thing that year as chosen by the Cruising Awards Committee,

5.        If no nominations are submitted, it may not necessarily be awarded.

The Broken Winch Award

Terms for receiving this award:

1.        Must be a member of KYC, in good standing,

2.        Must have done something un-seamanlike, ie run aground, got lost, dragged anchor, etc. It is up to the nominator’s imagination.

3.        This will be awarded to the cruiser(s) that has been nominated and deemed to be the worst event that year, as chosen by the Cruising Award Committee,

4.        If no nominations are submitted, it may not necessarily be awarded.

The Fort Frontenac Cruising Cup

For terms, see booklet available through the KYC Office or at the Bar.

Note: For all awards, Nominations should be submitted by email to the Cruising Awards Committee in care of June Blackburn at jblackburnca@gmail.com or Karen Kitney at kitneyk@kingston.net by December 20, 2015.




NOVEMBER 12, 2015


June Blackburn (Co-Chair), Karen Kitney (Co-Chair), Ze Keeping, Peter Fedora, Brenda Charette, Michael Charette, May Corcoran, Bill Corcoran, Marj Mason, John Mason, Alison Brown, Rod Munro, John Kitney, Neil Provan, Katy Provan, Marion Westenberg, Hans Westenberg, Paul Young, Peter Robbins, Jean Robbins

Meeting Chair:  Karen Kitney

Secretary:  June Blackburn


1.        Review of Minutes of 2014 AGM:  

The minutes of the 2014 Cruising Fleet Annual General Meeting were reviewed and accepted.

Motion to Accept the Minutes:  Alison Brown

Second:  Rod Munro

2.    Review of 2014/15 Budget:  

$40.75 of the 2014/15 $1500.00 budget was spent on the inscription of trophies for the annual dinner and awards evening.  

Motion to Accept the Budget:  Paul Young

Second:  Ze Keeping

3.    Review of 2015 Cruising Fleet Events:  

Gananoque Cruise:  Organized by Alison Brown and Rod Munro, 24 cruisers (one boat) enjoyed dinner at Riva and the Gananoque Inn and attended the opening night performance of “Closer Than Ever” at the Thousand Islands Playhouse.  Travel by boat was hindered by the early date and inclimate weather.

Amherst Island Cruise to Robert and Judith MacKenzie’s:  Most of the 14 members who participated in this event travelled to Robert and Judith’s by car.  The weather for the weekend was excellent.  It was suggested that this event may have been in competition with another event and that the date could be reconsidered.

Amherst Island Concert Cruise:  This was a first time event for the Cruising Fleet organized by Marion and Hans Westenburg.  Activities included a potluck on the dock at Stella Bay and a concert at St. Paul’s Church performed by the Vienna Piano Trio.  Two cruisers attended by car and ferry and five boats spent the night at anchor or tied up to the dock at Stella Bay.  

Picton Jazz Festival:  This annual event continues to be very popular with the Cruising Fleet.  Organizer John Kitney reported that the Friday night jazz concert has more general appeal than the Saturday night concert.  On Saturday, a tour of five Prince Edward County wineries was organized followed by dinner at Miss Lilly’s.  The question of insurance coverage was raised as a possible issue:  would KYC be liable if there was an incident?  This issue needs to be investigated prior to next year’s wine tour.

Waupoos Rendezvous:  The Waupoos Rendezvous, organized by June Blackburn and Richard Landry, was resurrected after a hiatus of several years.  Sixteen boats participated in the rendezvous and one Cruising Fleet couple joined the others by car.  Two potluck dinners,  happy hours, and a dinghy cruise to the Black River Cheese Factory were the highlights of the three day rendezvous.

4.    Proposed 2016 Cruising Fleet Events:

1.  Gananoque Cruise:  There was enthusiastic support for continuation of the Gananoque Cruise.  “A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline”  opens the season next year and plays from May 20 to June 11.   Brenda Charette volunteered to organize the event in 2016.

Brenda Charette suggested that the Cruising Fleet consider sailing to the The Iroquois Blue Grass Festival that runs from June 16 to 19.  Brenda Charette and John Mason will investigate the feasibility of combining the two events into one cruise.

Organizers:  Brenda Charette and John Mason

2.  Amherst Island Cruise to Robert and Judith’s Cottage:  Robert and Judith are willing to host the Cruising Fleet again in 2016 anytime in June or July that coordinates with other Cruising Fleet and KYC events.

There was support for the suggestion that the Amherst Island Cruise to Robert and Judith’s be combined with the Amherst Island Concert Cruise.  We could attend a concert on Saturday evening and have a potluck at Judith and Robert’s on the Sunday.  Marion Westenburg and Robert and Judith MacKenzie will work together on this.

Organizers:  Marion Westenburg, Robert and Judith MacKenzie

3.    Canadian Power Squadron Picnic:  The picnic is scheduled for July 8 – 10, 2016.  May Corcoran extended a verbal invitation for all Cruising Fleet members to attend.   A written invitation will be sent closer to the date of the picnic.

Organizer:  May Corcoran

4.    Binnacle Island:  Binnacle Island, owned by the Syracuse Power Squadron, is located in The Thousand Islands and is available to rent by the week by any Canada Power Squadron member.  On the island is a two bedroom cottage with a sunroom, power, outdoor shower, picnic tables, electricity, docks, and refrigeration on the dock.  Visitors must supply their own drinking water and leave the island in the condition in which they found it.  Rental costs are lowest in June and September.  It was proposed that the Island be rented for the Cruising Fleet from September 4 – 10, 2016, and that the Cruising Fleet budget be used to cover the cost of the rental.  Bill and May Corcoran volunteered to organize this event.  Whether the Cruising Fleet budget will be utilized for the rental costs will depend on the budget received for 2015/16 as well as other Cruising Fleet expenditures.

Organizers:  Bill and May Corcoran

5.    Picton Jazz Festival:   John Kitney agreed to organize the Picton Jazz Festival again.  2016 dates are August 19 – 21.  The Friday night jazz concert, dinner and an organized Saturday activity will be included.

Organizer:  John Kitney

6.    Clayton Cruise:  Marion Westenburg agreed to investigate concert events in Clayton for a possible cruise and report back to the group.

Organizer:  Marion Westenburg

7.    Jemmett’s Landing:  An overnight cruise to Jemmett’s Landing with dinner catered by the KYC was proposed.  A volunteer is needed to organize the event.

8.    Waupoos Rendezvous:  There was support to organize the Waupoos Rendezvous again in 2016.  Although it has traditionally been held on the Labour Day weekend, the Civic Weekend was proposed as a possible alternative that would better accommodate younger families with children.  The Collins Bay Cruising Club had suggested that we collaborate on a pig roast next year on the Saturday evening of the Labour Day weekend.  Peter Fedora and Ze Keeping volunteered to organize the event.

Organizers:  Peter Fedora and Ze Keeping

Thank you to all the Cruising Fleet members who volunteered to organize our cruising events for next year.  Organizers are reminded that dates for the events are needed by February 1, 2016, for submission to the KYC Log.  

5.    Annual Dinner and Awards Night:  The annual Dinner and Awards Night will be scheduled for late February.  Nominations for the Cruising Fleet awards are to be submitted by December 20, 2015, to June Blackburn or Karen Kitney.  Paul Young agreed to organize the dinner again this year.  Thank you, Paul.

Organizer:  Paul Young

6.    Cruising Fleet Burgees:  New Cruising Fleet members receive a Cruising Fleet burgee.  Longer term members who have sailed with the fleet receive five and ten year burgees. At last year’s AGM, it was agreed that burgees would be designed for the co-chairs.  Rod Munro will provide a list of names of members who have already received five year burgees.  June and Karen will coordinate bringing the burgee project up to date.

Organizers:  June Blackburn and Karen Kitney

7.    Co-Chairs:    New co-chairs for the Cruising Fleet are being sought.  Nominations were requested.  In the absence of anyone willing to volunteer, Karen and June will continue as the Cruising Fleet co-chairs for the next year.

8.  New Business:  

1.  Attraction of New Members:  It is recognized that our Cruising Fleet members are aging and younger members of the Club are not joining the Fleet.   Reasons for that were discussed and suggestions made to improve our communications included the following.

a.  It was suggested that cruising fleet emails go to all members in the club in addition to the notices in the Knotmeter.  Karen will follow-up with Brett or Greg to discuss the feasibility of this suggestion.

     Action:  Karen Kitney

b.  Cruising Fleet Bulletin Board:  It was acknowledged that the location of the bulletin board is not ideal but there are no options available to us.

c.  Knotmeter:  It was suggested that an invitation be put in the Knotmeter asking for those who are interested in receiving communications from the Cruising Fleet to contact Karen or June.  Putting a link in the Knotmeter that would take the reader to the Cruising Fleet site of the KYC website was also suggested.  June Blackburn will follow up on this.

     Action:  June Blackburn

     d.  Personal Invitations:  It was suggested that Cruising Fleet members extend personal invitations to other KYC members to participate in our events rather than rely exclusively on our written communications.

2.  Jemmett’s Landing:  Peter Fedora raised the issue of Jemmett’s Landing and the absence of a budget for the maintenance of the property for the last couple of years.   Peter suggested that part of the cruising fleet budget be utilized for Jemmett’s.  It was agreed that Jemmett’s is a valuable KYC resource appreciated by members of the Cruising Fleet and maintenance of the property is important.   Following discussion, the Co-chairs agreed to write to the Board supporting the need for a maintenance budget for Jemmett’s Landing.  Anyone who wishes to work more closely with Peter on the Jemmett’s Landing property, please contact Peter directly.  

Action:  June Blackburn


3.  Cruising Fleet Email list:   – If a member is not on the mailing list, or knows of someone who is not, please advise June Blackburn.  

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Brenda Charette and seconded by Hans Westenburg.

4.        Kingston Yacht Club

Cruising Fleet

Annual General Meeting

November 12, 2015


1.  Review of Minutes of 2014 AGM

2.  Review of 2014/2015 Budget

3.  Review of 2015 Cruising Fleet Events

4.  2016 Cruising Fleet Events

5.  Cruising Fleet 2016 Annual Dinner and Awards Night

6.  Burgees

7.  Co-Chair Positions

8.  New Business

5.        Nautical Cruising Solutions: Tips and Tricks for the Comfortable Cruiser - see link below. This booklet was compiled by a large group of KYC members some years ago. In total 27 pages. Recommend to print, orient your page 90 to the right, so that it formats in a booklet across a typical 8.5 x 11 inch page.


6.         DTOPS - Decal / Transponder On-Line Procurement System Criteria and Application: If your boat measures 30 feet or longer, and you wish to visit the United States, you will need to apply for your DTOPS in advance on an annual basis. You are then issued with a sticker to display on your boat. Please note that this is separate and distinct from vessel registration, passports and Nexus cards. DTOPS replaces the old “Y-68” sticker.


2016 Renewals are now available!

Renew online using our secure online ordering system by accessing DTOPS (Decal and Transponder Online Procurement System) at https://dtops.cbp.dhs.gov. Please use a PC that has the most current version of Internet Explorer. The above link will open in your default browser; if the default browser is not Internet Explorer, please open Internet Explorer and copy and paste the link.

Paper applications are available at www.cbp.gov. Enter the application number in the search box (339A (Aircraft), 339V (Vessel) and 339C (Commercial Vehicle)) and click the appropriate link. The form may then be downloaded and printed.

*NOTICE* Expedited shipping will not expedite processing time. Expedited processing is not available - all orders are processed on a first come first served basis. Processing time is 4 to 6 weeks during renewal season.

La elección para correo registrado para México ya no está disponible. Los engomados y las calcomanías se enviarían por correo normal de los Estados Unidos. Si necesita ayuda en español, mande un correo a DECALS@dhs.gov o llame a 317-298-1245, option 2.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

User Fee Decal and Transponder Program

Phone: 317-298-1245

Fax: 317-290-3219


7.        Jemmett’s Landing Information and Driving Directions: see link below. See Club Web-site: Tab “About Us”, then open “Facilities”


8.        NEXUS:

The NEXUS program allows pre-screened travelers expedited processing when entering the United States and Canada. Program members use dedicated processing lanes at designated northern border ports of entry, NEXUS kiosks when entering Canada by air and Global Entry kiosks when entering the United States via Canadian Preclearance airports. NEXUS members also receive expedited processing at marine reporting locations.

This is a ‘Trusted Traveller Program’ where you are issued with a credit card sized identification equipped with an RFID chip, valid for 5 years. In our experience, it makes entering the USA via boat, air travel or private vehicle quick and easy. Note though that everyone in that private vessel or vehicle upon entering must have their NEXUS card.


Once issued with your NEXUS card, you then apply for a “BR” number - a boat registration number, which includes essential identifying characteristics on your boat. Checking in following that is truly much easier and faster. There are differences in program compliance when entering the USA versus entering Canada. Know the rules!

Engine Oil Testing:

Toromont CAT

2185 Perth Road

Glenburnie, On K0H 1S0

Tel: 613 542 1654

Purchase an ‘SOS’ test kit, cost is $25.00

Plastic bottle includes work order, mail in packaging, test sample bottle. SOS kit cost does include cost of laboratory testing. Obtain sample, then either mail it in, or hand deliver it back to Toromont. Results can then, based on your work order, either be mailed to you in hard copy, or e-mailed to you, within a few days.