Harbour Expansion - Phased Approach

This information below is based on the "phased approach" which was sent out to the membership in December 2015.

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The complete background information on the original "full design" of the New Harbour which is not currently being considered, please click here

The club is investigating the feasibility of expanding the harbour using a phased approach.  The initial phase would still try to maximize the number of new finger docks, but would leave a significant number of existing mediterranean moorings as they are now.  Other aspects of the original harbour plan would not be implemented until a future date ( east-west finger dock orientation, finger docks for everywhere but Shark basin, full electrical, centre pier remediation, partial east wind harbour protection,etc.)

Determining whether this approach is feasible depends on how many existing slip holders would prefer to stay in their mediterranean mooring, or would prefer to be on a finger dock.

Costs & Fees
The harbour fees that would be instituted upon implementation (working implementation date of spring 2017), are based on what was proposed with the original harbour plan, but adjusted for expected 2017 prices.  The following are anticipated for 2017:

  • Mediterranean Mooring Fee:  $53/foot
  • Finger Dock Fee: $70/foot
    • approximately 30% premium over med moorings
    • would be comparable market rates (POH, etc.)
  • Finger Dock Deposit:  $60/foot
    • one time, when allocated a finger dock
    • refundable upon reallocation of finger dock to another member
    • applies to all finger docks (new and old)
  • Electrical
    • All fingers would be supplied with 20-30A electrical (at club rates)
    • Med moorings would continue with current electrical supply

A table of sample boats and their anticipated costs can be found here.

Harbour Layout
The following is a possible layout for the first phase.  You likely have questions and comments and those will be addressed in an upcoming Town Hall meeting.  Legend:

  • The Blue dock is our existing finger docks (reused),
  • Light Grey docks are new.
  • The checkered dock is the existing T-dock with one wing removed.  
  • Black outlined boats represent “new” slips.
  • Red outlined boats are lost med moorings.  
  • Green outlined boats are relocated med moorings.