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KYC Currents

KYC Currents - August 14, 2017

KYC Currents

KYC Currents

August 14, 2017


Regattas and Sailing

In this issue of Currents, we'll elaborate on KYC's role in in hosting regattas (why, how many, etc) and provide an on overview of the various Sailing programs available to members at the club. These programmes are central to KYC’s mission.

Director at Large, Ken Martin, is responsible for the Sailing Committee. As you’ll learn from the following, this is a committee with a broad range of activities and programmes, one of the most complex areas of our Club’s infrastructure.

You may have noticed a number of regattas being hosted by KYC in recent years. The KYC Strategic plan commits the Club to supporting competitive sailing by hosting several regattas per year. The benefits to the club include increased food & beverage revenues and increased recognition/prestige in the yachting world. Prior to CORK, our club was very active in hosting regattas. We realise there are certain impacts on club members when we host regattas. These include the need to allocate moorings for visiting racers, increased traffic on our property, increased use of our facilities, etc. We do our best to minimise these impacts, for example, by scheduling regattas when moorings will be available (e.g. popular cruising times), arranging for alternate moorings (at no cost) to club members willing to vacate their moorings for a few days, etc.

We field requests for regattas from a variety of classes and fleet sizes. We deliberately limit our commitment to a maximum of 4-5 regattas per year and prefer regattas where there could be significant KYC participation (e.g. Shark regattas, EYC, IOM) and smaller keelboats classes & fleet sizes. We consider CORK to be the more appropriate host for larger fleets and the dinghy classes. We actively collaborate with CORK on handling regatta hosting requests in the Kingston area. In some cases, we share the hosting responsibilities. Typically, even regattas hosted by CORK include one or more social events at KYC. We have negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding between CORK and KYC, that is updated annually with details concerning event scheduling and asset (primarily boats and marks) sharing. Ken Martin acts in an official liaison role with CORK, working with their management and board.

For 2017, KYC is hosting:

  • Viper Canadians (July 7-9)
  • Shark Canadians (Aug 12-13)
  • FORK Foiling Kite Regatta (Aug 18-20)
  • Albacore North Americans (Aug 25-27)
  • International One Mete Eastern Canadians (Sept 9-10)

For 2018, we are planning on hosting:

  • EYC 2018
  • Viper North Americans
  • Shark Worlds

KYC Director at Large, Robert Weguelin, is our lead on KYC hosted regattas. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, and/or you are interested In volunteer opportunities, please feel free to discuss with Robert.

Sailing programs available to KYC club members are:

  • Evening and weekend racing
  • Cruising
  • Community Club
  • Women in Wind
  • Radio Controlled
  • Able Sail

The regular evening and weekend racing at KYC is the longest standing program with perhaps the highest participation level. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening from beginning of May to the end of September typically sees up to 15 PHRF handicapped boats and 12 or more Sharks competing for fleet championships. There are 8 weekend long distance races that draw participation mainly from the larger PHRF boats. The Race Committee for evening and weekend racing are volunteer crews (from our racers) with assistance & guidance from our Sailing Manager, James Rountree. Our Racing fleet captains are Rob Colwell & Peter Kraszewksi (PHRF 1), John Vines (PHRF 2), and Robin Wynne-Edwards (Sharks).

Over the last couple of years, the Cruising fleet has been re-energised and now have a large number of varied interesting cruising events, with something happening many weekends during the season. Events typically include a combination of sailing and social/cultural activities, such as Picton Jazz Festival, Thousand Island Playhouse, brewery tours, Peter Fedora is the Cruising fleet captain.

Last year, the Community Club separated from Adult Learn to Sail to be an independent program, affording members without boats the opportunity to share in the use of several club-owned Sharks and a 24' C&C Jessie. Jessie can even be used for overnight cruising. There are over 40 skippers currently certified for this program. These boats sometimes also participate in club racing. Peter French is the CC captain.

Women in Wind is a long standing program at KYC, providing female members with an opportunity to participate (sans men) in sailing and other activities on Wednesday evenings. In the past, they have sailed keel boats and more recently dinghies. The also offer a rich calendar of other activities such as yoga, art lessons, etc. Kim Garrett and Megan Willoughby provide leadership for this program.

The Radio Controlled program includes a number of members who previously raced on big boats and are now honing their skills on the small ones. On Monday evenings, they race 2 classes of radio controlled boats: Solings and International One Meters (IOM). The fleet co-captains are John Lowther and Paul Switzer.

The Able Sail programs provides sailing lessons to disabled people, who would otherwise be unable to enjoy the pleasures of sailing. They have their own specially equipped boats available for sailing in addition to the lessons. Audrey Kobayashi and John Curtis are fleet co-captains.

If you have any questions about the Sailing area programs, feel free to contact the appropriate fleet Captains, program leads or Ken Martin, Direct at Large responsible for the Sailing portfolio.

Ken Martin with input from Robert Weguelin