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KYC Currents - July 5, 2017

KYC Currents

KYC Currents

July 5, 2017


Currents... the "dockside edition"

N. Peter Cohrs
Rear Commodore

...or should that be the “antedeluvian edition”... (except we’re still “deluvian”)
. Whatever you want to call it, I write to tell you about the infrastructure upgrades and improvements that have been implemented at KYC since last November.

What started about five years ago as strategic planning, has now been implemented as phase one of dock expansion. A significant nautstone. But let me backtrack a smidge... Over the last five years KYC has been rebuilding infrastructure. We’ve replaced the gas/diesel/pumpout service, the dock at Jemmetts, the old marine railway is history along with the safety hazard that was the trench, we renovated the bar, the ladies washroom and part of the kitchen, replaced the “shark” crane hoist.. just to mention the big ones.... Kingston Yacht Club, with the help of many dedicated volunteers coupled with our energetic staff, is rebuilding to secure our future. As we see it, no rebuild, no future.

Late last fall, we embarked on phase one of dock expansion. Dock expansion is intended to improve the facility, attract more members, and be self financing. I am happy to report that this expansion satisfies all those goals. With the improvement and expansion of the docks, starting in spring of 2016, KYC is sending a signal- a strong signal, that we are here to stay, we are a quality outfit and that we are a very good, if not one of the best places, to be a member where you can store your boat year round, enjoy the company of your friends, and enjoy fine food, drink and services.

Last November saw the excavator and dumptrucks arrive with loads of stone, followed closely by a run of highway barriers, the concrete mixers, then more dumptrucks replete with barrier rock. The reinforcing of the harbour breakwater had begun. Within a few weeks, the stone ballast was down, the concrete barriers placed, Brad had all the reinforcing rod all placed, then the concrete was poured, then the barrier rock placed around the east end of the breakwater. This set the stage for the placement of the “W” dock and the centre dock expansion. With the constant attention of Harbour redevelopment chair Chris Walmsley and his committee, the help of our engineers, we got the drawings and specifications complete, the package out to tender, the financing in place, the bids in and the project expedited about a week after launch. The timing was much closer than we would have liked, and we’ll take lessons learned and apply them to following phases and endeavours. We have also encountered rather unexpected demands from City Hall, in particular the fire dept; demands that we are presently dealing with. We are waiting for the high water to subside (when is this gonna end?!) so we can install the up to date electrical services to the new centre dock.

What we now have is a high quality expansion which will serve us well for a good 25 years. This isn’t “mickey mouse” stuff. Just so “ya know”; the east end Tee, is all attenuator, the whole dock system is heavily anchored with large chain, whose lengths are adjustable, the old centre dock was re-anchored, and the broken fingers repaired and reinforced. The armour rock on the break water’s east tip provides some attenuation, but more importantly marks the beginning of a term of adding armour stone to the whole of the break water’s south and west flanks.

It helps set the stage for a second phase. However, before phase two, other things may happen. As we speak, we are entertaining an unsolicited offer from our dock supplier, Kehoe, for some uber attenuators, “salvaged” from Burlington Bay, but with lots of life in them still- like a good twenty years. The gears are turning with the technical fellows, and the money men. If we can make this happen, we’ll do so as early as possible, and our harbour will be almost fully attenuated, and we’ll have additional floating real estate to enjoy, to the tune of about 26’ x 144’ (3750 SqFt!!) . Stay tuned. If we can pull it off, it will be a BOON to JS,

ASK, kayakers, day sailors, swimmers, even diners...and to ALL who moor in the KYC harbour.

Of course, doing all this stuff has involved moving, slicing, shuffling and rearranging things. You’ll notice that the T-dock has been slightly truncated. This was done to provide the minimum passage width into the harbour, and is not without its consequences. Please give Ze keeping’s addendum a good read- attached. With the relocation of the old L attenuator we now have some extra attenuation. We’ll use the L attenuator as best we can, as long as we can.

In conclusion, I am very happy to report to you that we consider the works so far a success. We are not, not for a minute, resting on our laurels, as there is still much to do. One look at the clubhouse, the old main dock, the breakwater outer walls, the shark pen (and a whole bunch of stuff UNDER water) and you’ll know why we don’t rest (altho’ we’d like to). And, there is that pesky issue of attenuation. What has been accomplished has been a Herculean task and in expediting this, hearty thank-you’s are due. Chris Walmsley is the Chair of the Harbour Redevelopment Committee. He is always in top of his (and our) game. His Committee is made up of a bevy of dedicated (and a bit tired) members. They are: Commodore Cameron, Crothers and Cohrs, Jr Past Commodore Rosemary Wilson, financial reality checker Ron Hodges, Kevin Dowling, Suzanne Hamilton, Club Manager Greg McNab and Brad Strawbridge (not your average yard steward!). To them, I give them a bear hug of thanks. I encourage you to do the same.


The following related article is from Ze Keeping and Matt Fair who are the Directors responsible for our Learn To Sail division:

Junior Sailing and the use of a smaller floating T-Dock

As most are aware this season has seen a few changes at the club, some planned and some not planned (high water builds for instance). One such new and welcomed change was harbour expansion. This planned project has given new excitement to our club with shiny new finger docks, new boats and new members. With changes to design, sometimes there is a need to change existing facilities to make the harbour safer for keel boats to enter and exit the harbour as well as other smaller crafts. To do this, part of our beloved T-Dock was modified to what we now collectively call the L-Dock. Still in the same location this modified dock has less area to use for the many user groups at the club. The good side of this was the installation a new decking that looks great and is much safer. Getting back to the footprint (decreased area of use), one would only have to reach back to remember the summer of 2016 and recall how very popular the T-Dock was to many user groups. Congestion, especially in the hotter days was common. But true to the KYC community, we all shared the asset and helped keep the congestion down when and where we could. The Junior Sailing (JS) program under the learn-to-sail portfolio is one such user group. During the high season (July-Aug), we (JS) heavily use this precious resource Monday to Friday for dinghy launch, noon docking and swimming. It also serves as emergency purposes when getting off the water quickly is paramount.

With this decrease of footprint, we have collectively planned to reduce traffic when and where we can. The new JS staff are aware of the issue and will do their best to keep traffic flowing in a directed and safe manner. We will try our level best to ensure we all have access to the dock, but must ensure the program is run efficiently and safe. Our only “ask” from the membership proper is to understand our needs at certain times of the day. We don’t intend to take over this special resource, we only ask that members understand that we have a program to run and some time slots will be busier than others. Noon time is especially busy, with morning launch and end day haul out also very busy. We ask for patience and understanding during these high traffic times.

Any issues or needs to communicate concerns should be brought to the Sailing Manager James Rountree or the Head Instructor Grace Whiteside.

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.

Zenith (Ze) Keeping & Matt Fair

LTS Co-Directors at Large