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KYC Currents - August 9, 2018

KYC Currents

KYC Currents

August 9, 2018

Volume 7


Over the past year, our Commodore has spearheaded special relationships with our partners to establish Memos of Understanding. These documents help establish baseline relationships and the understanding of shared resources with Queen’s University Varsity Sailing, Able Sail Kingston (ASK), CORK and The Royal Military College.  In the past we used the term “Corporate Membership” to categorize these organizations, yet strictly speaking a Corporate membership is looked upon as something a bit different than that.  To date, we do not have any Corporate Memberships, but there is always potential as we spruce up the club and look towards its use year round.    

Our GM, Greg McNab has worked tirelessly to establish a better membership base and over the past two years has seen some great success. In 2017 our overall membership has grown. This year, Greg is forging new relationships with downtown Kingston and we once again opened our doors to the public as part of “Door’s Open Kingston” (June 16th). Last year during “Door’s Open” we welcomed approximately 100 visitors to our club, some from out of town, but most locals who regularly participate in this important community event. This year we have approximately 110 visitors to our club.

In the spring, the Membership Committee sent out a survey to all KYC members, asking them some important questions about their membership, it’s privileges, and things the club can do to improve their experience at the club and its activities. We sincerely thank those who took the time to answer the survey, and although we had a few technical glitches, a total of 149 responses came in. Here are some of the results from the survey.Forms response chart. Question title: How many years have you been a member of KYC?. Number of responses: 149 responses.Note: As you can see the the majority of responses came from those with many years at the club. With the second highest responses from newer members.Forms response chart. Question title: Which membership category are you currently? . Number of responses: 149 responses.Note: The majority of responses came from full family membership.


Forms response chart. Question title: Are you a regular participant in the social events at KYC? . Number of responses: 147 responses.

Note: This surprised us, as we had hoped to find the opposite to be true. What we will now explore is the “why”. There are many comments in the survey about what we can do to improve the numbers at social events, these comments and suggestions will be discussed with the GM to find new and better events to increase attendance and perhaps bring in new members.  Afterall, members are our best ambassadors for new members.  So please invite some of your friends to our events as well.  

Forms response chart. Question title: Do you believe that you get good value for your membership? . Number of responses: 146 responses.

Note: We are all pleased to see that most agree that our fees our reasonable. Greg strives to ensure member events come as close to the break even point as possible.  Every dollar we can squeeze from our collective revenues are put right back into the club for our programs, and infrastructure.

Forms response chart. Question title: Are the current rights and privileges of your category sufficient? . Number of responses: 145 responses.

Note: It appears that most agree that we have a good variety of options for membership. As we asked for comment on both the yeas and nays, we will examine those comments to see how we can hone our categories to fit the need.

Forms response chart. Question title: Are you in favour of voting rights for all Club members (18+)?. Number of responses: 144 responses.

Note: 73.6% agree that all members should have a vote. This may be tricky for those who don’t live close for AGM voting purposes, or those who often are not in town in winter. We will have to put our thinking caps on so that we ensure that this momentum goes forward and that we take your comments and opinions seriously.

As a note we did frame the question to ensure its strictly an adult vote, i.e., over 18. Discussions in the past have suggested a youth committee that could answer to a Director at Large. That way their voice is not lost. It’s a possibility if there is an appetite.

Membership is important as its the lifeline of the club.  After all, the club exists to serve its members.  The upside to everyone having a vote is that all members have a voice for decisions at AGMs, at Special GMs, and can run for office at the Board of Directors level.  We are exploring other models from similar clubs to extract the best parts for our use, investigating Proxy voting, as well as what constitutes a quorum.  Together with the Board we are exploring how best to move forward with what needs to be done to ensure our membership packages are flexible to needs while not complicating it to the point that it is unmanageable.  We believe we can achieve this balance and ensure inclusivity for voting.

We are also carefully reading all your comments from the survey and sharing with the Board.  Don’t be surprised if you get an email from one of us asking some more details about your comment or suggestion.  We are a small committee of just two people, but we really exist to assist the General Manager in his efforts to support the membership while increasing overall interest in the club.  


KYC Membership Committee