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Jemmett’s Landing

“Your private getaway in the Thousand Islands”

Photo credit: Finnish Line Fleet Air Arm

Jemmett’s Landing Mooring Balls and Dock in Brakey Bay

Getting There        2

Usage Policy and Guidelines        4

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Getting There


By Water

Located on the second last point on the North-East end of Wolfe Island, the property is an easy sail from KYC, and less than an hour away from Admiralty Islands (Parks Map here).

  • Location: Just West of Brakey Bay at the East end of Wolfe Island
  • Distance by Water: 11.3nm
  • Current:  Downstream (East) current from 0.25 - 1.0kt.
  • GPS Coordinates: N44 14.001 W76 14.240
  • Navigation Hazards:
  • Holliday Point - H37
  • Shallow water between Oak Point and Holliday Point
  • West Cardinal Buoy at West end of Howe Island
  • Distance to Gananoque: 6.7nm

By Land

A pleasant ferry ride followed by a short drive to the East will have you at the property in now time at all.  The grid pattern of the road layout on the Island results in a zig-zag drive to the East end of the Island.  If you time the ferry well, you should be at the property in less than an hour.

  • Take the Ferry to Wolfe Island (schedule) ~25 minutes.
  • Once on the Island, follow the route on the map below, or use this Google Map
  • Approximate Distance: 21.4km

  • Close the gate behind you to keep the cows out!
  • Please park only near the entrance gate.

”Arriving by land you will find a small KYC sign at the end of the lane”

Usage Policy and Guidelines

                                        Photo credit: Finnish Line Fleet Air Arm



  • Wet Mooring:  Within the context of this policy, wet moorings are defined as a KYC mooring ball, the dock, or rafted in any manner to the dock or a mooring ball.
  • Qualified Member: Full Member or Associate Member who has paid the Jemmett’s Landing Access Fee, in good standing as defined by the bylaws.
  • Member: Member of any category, in good standing as defined by the bylaws.
  • Dinghy:  Any small tender, kayak, stand up paddle board, or similarly small vessel.

Usage Policies

  1. Jemmett’s Landing is for the enjoyment of all Members (such as day use or overnight camping);
  2. Wet mooring facilities are reserved for Qualified Members only;
  3. Reciprocal privileges do not extend to use of Jemmett’s Landing;
  4. No guest boats on wet mooring facilities;
  5. Member dinghies, if moored to the main dock, should be secured as far along the dock, towards the land, as possible so as not to consume an otherwise usable wet mooring;
  6. Members may anchor nearby and take their dinghy to the dock;
  7. Work on the property by Members must be done with the knowledge of the Yard Manager;
  8. No generators may be operated on the property or on boats at wet moorings;
  9. Boats moored on the dock for 2 nights or longer must give way to newly arriving boats (e.g. raft or move to mooring ball);
  10. Consideration must always be given to other members enjoying the facility (e.g. accommodating those who request dockside/rafted mooring);
  11. All regulations in place for guests to KYC facilities extend to the use of Jemmett's Landing;
  12. Members using the facilities in any manner must have their KYC Membership card with them;
  13. Boats must fly the KYC Burgee at all times when at a wet mooring;


  1. Boats using the wet moorings must have their boat names listed in the Membership Roster available in the Members' Area of the Club's website.

Usage Guidelines

  • All garbage and recycling must be removed from the property when you leave.  There are no garbage facilities at the property.
  • Do not leave food/drink on shore overnight or unsecured if camping--even if it’s eventually destined for the garbage. It attracts wildlife looking for scraps and may leave a bigger mess to clean up in the morning.
  • When not in use ensure the swim ladder is up.
  • Shallow draft boats should move as far toward shore on the dock as depth will allow, and similarly, lighter displacement boats should use the inner two mooring balls, leaving the moorings with heavier anchors for larger boats.
  • Please keep the outhouse(s) clean and report any issues (dirty, lack of TP, etc.) to the General Manager.  Leave the property cleaner than you found it.
  • Do not leave lawn chairs and similar personal items on the dock overnight as this can be a tripping hazard for other boaters, and they may blow off into the water.
  • If you are the last to leave the property, please ensure the swim ladder is up and store all chairs and equipment in the proper locations to keep them clean and dry.
  • Keep the gate closed at all times, except when entering and exiting (otherwise you may have bovine visitors!)
  • Pets are welcome, but must be cleaned up after, and be kept under control at all times.
  • Members are advised not to leave personal equipment at Jemmetts. If there are special circumstances please contact the manager (manager@kingstonyachtclub.ca) to discuss.


  • While it has mostly been eradicated, be advised that there has been Poison Ivy at the property.
  • Ticks are now commonplace in the region, and commonly carry the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease.  Ticks have been reported on Wolfe Island near the property as well as the surrounding islands. Please monitor your pets, and yourself for bites and tell tale signs and contact your doctor/veterinarian if you suspect a bit has occurred.

Please remember to leave the property as you found it and to report any problems to the appropriate manager as per below.   The property is maintained by the Club, but also by member volunteers.  If you would like to help out and contribute to the property please let us know (contact the Jemmetts Committee list.committee.jemmetts@kingstonyachtclub.ca). For maintenance issues please contact the Yard Manager:  yard@kingstonyachtclub.ca. For policy matters, property suggestions or problems with intruders please contact the General Manager: manager@kingstonyachtclub.ca.

Member Roster Search/Add


Member Roster Search/Add

Searching for a Member boat in the Member Roster

  1. Go to the Members Area of the KYC website
  2. Enter the boat name and click on Search
  3. If the Member’s boat name is there it will show the Member and his/her Membership Classification
  4. If not, this is a good opportunity to ask if they are a Member. Their name will be in the Member Roster and you can welcome them to the club. If their name is not there, then let them know it’s private property. Please notify the Manager manager@kingstonyachtclub.ca of their boat name/club designation if any. The Managerwill know if they are regular intruders.

Entering your boat name in the Member Roster

If you have a mooring at KYC your boat name will be entered by the system. If you are a full member with a boat elsewhere you can follow these instructions to enter your boat name.

  1. Go to your Profile in Members Area of the KYC website
  2. Click on the Boat Info tab
  3. Beside Boat Name click the box under Show
  4. Enter your boat's name in the box under Value
  5. Click on the Save My Information button on the bottom left of the page
  6. Enjoy Jemmetts !

The Dock and The Facilities

The Dock

The dock provides plenty of room to relax -- the floating section of the dock is 10’ wide by 108’ long.  It is attached to a fixed shore section by an articulated ramp to accommodate water level changes.  The following diagram shows the dock layout and depths.

Please note that the outer two dock anchors are 11’ from the outer corners (at 40 degrees), and at 0.7 above datum, the large concrete anchors are at a depth of 8.5’ with anchor chains transitioning from 8.5’ to 6.5’ at the outer corners of the dock.  There are a second set of anchors further in.   Please note that beyond 10’ from either side of the dock are various rocks and obstructions that rise up ~1-2’ from the bottom.

Each side should be able to accommodate two 30-35’ boats, plus a Shark at the innermost location for a total of 6 boats at the dock.   With rafting, there could be room for 8-10 boats at the dock with room for motor boats, and dinghies further in.


  • Dock: The Club is excited to offer members a significant upgrade of the facilities for the 2012 season.  A new 140' of dock 108’of which is floating  (50’ longer) now replaces the crooked dock that was previously there.  The new dock is longer and wider, very stable and should be able to accommodate more boats that before.  NOTE:  North to North-East winds can produce rough conditions at the dock, so check the weather before you leave.
  • Mooring Balls: For overflow usage, riding out a North wind, or just for the privacy and quiet, there are now 4 mooring balls.  The outer two are new and have 2500lb anchors, and the inner two have 750lb anchors.  Please allow larger boats to user the outer mooring balls.
  • Fire Pit:  There is a fire pit with a stone surround for you to enjoy.  There are log seats nearby.  Be safe, and ensure any fire is completely extinguished when you return to your boat for the night, or leave the property.  The Club keeps a supply of firewood at the property.  Please let the General Manager know if it is running low.
  • BBQs:  There is a large coal BBQ as well as a large set of propane burners (though you need to supply your own propane)
  • Chairs:  There are a number of Club chairs and seats at the site.  They should be stored under the awning when not in use to keep them clean and dry.
  • Outhouses:  One outhouse is available throughout the season.

Jemmett’s Landing                                                                                 2020