Proposed Harbour Layout

Harbour Expansion (2016-02-27 Town Hall)

Project Features

  • Extending existing centre spine and fingers
  • Mooring orientation continues to be primarily north-south
  • Major attenuator to protect harbour
  • Reused & altered T-Dock for JS use
  • Dock for JS staging & dock for swimming facilities
  • Partial remediation of east end of outer breakwall
  • Possible reuse of existing fingers and spine
  • Proper electrical for moorings along main spine

Projected Costs

  • Latest engineering estimates: $900K - $1.1M
  • Includes all costs plus contingency


  • $1M project cost is self financing
  • ~$50K Club capital funds
  • $100K from Refundable Mooring Deposit
  • ~$850K Bank loan

Mooring Fees & Mooring Deposit

  • Med and Finger mooring all “per foot” fees (med mooring are already there as of 2016)
  • Min 30' charge for finger docks
  • Cost of living increase from 2016 to 2017 only
  • Refundable Mooring Deposit (RMD)
    • One time only
    • About $35-$45 per foot
    • Applies to all wet moorings
    • Refundable when slip is re-filled


Habour Design (PDF Download)

Slides from Town Hall:

Please feedback and questions to: harbourquestions@kingstonyachtclub.ca

Background Info

  • Phased approach - as sent to members December 2015 - click here
  • Original "Full Design" - click here