Paddle Boards and Kayaks

Rules and Guidelines for KYC Kayaks and Paddle Boards

  1. Kayaks and paddle boards are available at the start of operating hours of the main bar (Generally 11AM) and will be available for member use until dusk.
  2. Kayaks and paddle boards are for member use only.

  1. All members wanting to use a kayak or paddle board must sign a waiver of liability and sign out a key from the main bar.
  2. The keys are the responsibility of the member and must be returned to the KYC main bar after use by the member who signed them out. Please do not pass the key on to another member wishing to use the equipment.

  1. Lost keys are subject to a $40 fee.

  1. Life Jackets and Paddles are to be returned to the KYC bar immediately after use.

  1. Lost life jackets and paddles will be billed to the member account at replacement cost.
  2. Age Restriction: At least 16 years old. (12 if signed out in the presence of a parent/guardian.
  3. PFD: Kayak users must wear PFD at all times. Paddle board users must wear PFD or secure it to the board/have access to it at all times.
  4. Operation Time/Distance from Clubhouse: Please keep your excursions within a reasonable time limit and distance from the KYC Clubhouse (1-3hrs).
     i.e. Kayaking to KYC Wolfe Island property is too long and too far

11.Kayaks and paddle boards are to be used at the members own risk.