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Special General Meeting - Sunday, September 28th, 1900hrs

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 KYC - Special General Meeting - September 28, 2014 - Long Term Financial Planning

Long Term Financial Planing - Town Hall - June 16, 2014:

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KYC - Long Term Financial Planning- Town Hall - June 16, 2014 Audio Recording

Long Term Financial Planing - Town Hall - March 26, 2014:

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KYC - Long Term Financial Planning- Town Hall - March 26, 2014 Audio Recording

Harbour Redevelopment Update - Message from the Commodore

March 6th, 2014

KYC Members,

I very much encourage All members to take note of this update, and to contribute their input via the survey and email feedback ( harbourquestions@ kingstonyachtclub.ca ).  The next Town Hall meeting is scheduled for March 26 th at 7pm .  At this Town Hall we will be looking for input and feedback as well as provide you with detailed information about:

  1. The need for repairs to our aging infrastructure and the cost of undertaking that work
  2. A proposal to increase our membership fees in order to assure our capacity to maintain the existing infrastructure now and into the future
  3. Harbour Project status update

The Harbour Project was chosen as the lead project in a larger plan to ensure the club remains strong into the future.  As part of the Harbour Project, we now have a detailed report on what needs to be done to the underwater infrastructure that the club, literally, relies on.  We now realize that we must address some of this remediation with or before the harbour project, and the remainder in the not too distant future.   We now have a better picture of the clubs future capital requirements than we have ever had.

I will emphasize that the infrastructure work and the proposed membership fee increases are needed whether or not we undertake an expansion of the harbour.

Harbour & Remediation Project Status
We have been working on many fronts to prepare for harbour and remediation work, some of which would have started this coming fall.  Securing the project financing was one of the key activities.  We prepared and submitted an exhaustive application to our favoured lending partner.  Unfortunately, our application was turned down, primarily because the club does not have sufficient cash reserves to contribute to the project to meet the requirements of the lender.

While this is disappointing news, I believe it is important that the club remain on track to tackle these projects as soon as financially practical.  We must deal with our crumbling infrastructure, and the harbour project still offers a self-sustaining way to grow membership and make a significant improvement to what the club can offer boating members.

This setback provides even more urgency to what I have been emphasizing at the AGM and at the last Town Hall meeting.  At current revenue levels, we are not financially sustainable with respect to our infrastructure.

To move ahead with these projects, we need to annually contribute to our reserve funds so that:

  • We can build an initial down payment so we can take on a loan for the initial remediation and harbour project (~2 years)
  • We are able make payments on the project loan
  • We can continue to further build reserves so we can complete subsequent remediation (~10 years)

We put forward a proposal for fee increases at the Town Hall meeting in January and are seeking input on that proposal including suggestions for alternatives.  This is intended to accomplish a number of things; a) improve our operational sustainability, b) build capital reserves to allow us to tackle some remediation soon c) allow the harbour project to continue at that time as well, and d) put money away for future remediation and other capital projects. 

The working proposal is to increase membership fees by about 45% broken down into a:

  • 25% fee increase for the 2015 season
  • 16% Capital Assessment (of membership fees)

This is a significant increase in fees and there are risks and concerns associated with such a change.  The board is aware of these risks, but is also acutely aware of the risk of doing nothing.  Portions of the harbour are in very poor shape, and other areas need attention in the near future.  We should not take the risk of waiting until something fails completely before worrying about how we will pay for it.

The board does not take this proposed fee change lightly.  We recognize that KYC membership is composed of a broad spectrum of users.  We have highly active boat owners and casual occasional members, all of which are valuable to KYC.  We need to ensure that our current membership can sustain these fee increases, and that we can still offer enough value for what it costs to be a member.  All members are important to the viability and makeup of KYC and we want to get feedback from all of them.

We have prepared a short survey that can be found here.  Please take the time to fill this in and let us know what you think. (link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FFTKWT7 )


Chris Walmsley

Long Term Financial Planing - Town Hall - January 22, 2014:

Unofficial audio recording of the meeting:
KYC - Long Term Financial Planning- Town Hall - January 22, 2014 Audio Recording

December 2013:

Click here for the Final "Shore Structures Condition Report" (KYC Member Login Required)

Strategic Planning AGM Report - November 2013

The Strategic Planning Committee continues to work on the strategic initiatives for the Club. Our focus has been our three key focus areas, Membership, Harbour and Clubhouse.
The committee largely focuses on the long range concepts that are required to make the club vibrant and viable in the future as well as guaranteeing that we maintain and improve the facilities.

We have not changed this focus, but certainly our harbour expansion and renovation project has been all consuming for the last year.

The Strategic Planning Committee deserves a huge thank you from the membership for the tireless hours that have been invested. The enthusiasm for the welfare of the club has been inspiring. This year alone the committee has met a least once a week to evolve the harbour project so that we know what is required at all levels.

The Committee includes, Alison Brown, Suzanne Hamilton, Rob Crothers, Merv Daub, Chris Walmsley, Ron Hodges and Paul Davis.

Work completed by the Committee and the Board over the past year includes:

  • Conceptual Harbour design
  • Long range financing models for the harbour and remediation projects.
  • Further near shore wave analysis with Queens University
  • Full underwater and analysis of all shore line structures with Shoreplan Engineering
  • Initial permitting with Conservation Authority and Transport Canada
  • Initial Site plan preparation with The City of Kingston
  • Electrical design concepts for Harbour and clubhouse with Genivar Electric

The Committee has a strong vision for the long term viability of the club and understands the need to keep the membership abreast of our plans and progress.

We know that we cannot rush these projects but it is, at times, hard to keep the momentum going. The harbour project still appears to be on track with the budget that we outlined at the SGM, however, some parts of the harbour and pier structures need some remedial work that needs to be done in shorter timelines than we originally anticipated. We will reengage the membership at more Town Hall meetings in the New Year but it is safe to say that we need to have a larger scope on the funding requirements to take the next steps. The membership needs to understand the needs of our facility and we hope that they agree with our approach to date.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Davis
Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

Presentation at the 2013 AGM

Update from the Commodore - Regarding the New Harbour Proposal - April 2013:

Over the past 4 years the Board, through its Strategic Planning Committee, has been working to develop a long term plan that would ensure a thriving and vibrant Club for many years to come. The Strategic Planning Committee has provided support to the Board related to strategic initiatives.

In 2011, a presentation at the AGM outlined the broad strategy for infrastructure renewal and increased membership. The first two components of the plan were the rebuilding of the gas dock supply system and the new dock at Jemmett?s landing. The next phase of this strategic plan is the redevelopment of the harbour. This phase has a large capital component but one of the main thrusts of this project is membership growth and renewal. The proposal that we are now ready to put forward includes the acquisition of an East adjacent water lot, installation of a wave attenuating floating breakwall to protect the harbour, and the installation of new finger docks for the entire South basin, Centre Dock and the new water lot. The expected completion date would have new docks in place for the 2014 season.

The work on this proposal has now progressed to the point where the Board wants to inform and engage the membership. We want to present technical information about the initiative and proposed plans for member input and, after full and successful discussion, request membership approval to proceed with this very significant capital expenditure.

>>> For full info on the New Habour Proposal, including the schedule of Town Halls and the Special General Meeting, please visit: kingstonyachtclub.ca/newharbour

Update from Strategic Planning Committee - July , 2011:

As you will recall this past spring the KYC Strategic Planning Committee, in conjunction with your Club?s Board of Directors, hosted two ?Town Hall? style meetings to obtain information concerning how the membership wanted to see the Club revitalized. Member input was documented with a report posted on the KYC website.

The Committee has continued to meet to develop various concepts and we have recently embarked upon the next stage of this ongoing initiative. The architectural firm of Shoalts & Zaback Architects Inc. have been engaged to examine the Clubhouse and main level of the Saint's Rest building to determine the opportunities and constraints these facilities offer. The product of this exercise will be a complete set of As-Built Drawings that record existing conditions. Working with the committee, the consultant team will then investigate optional renovation concepts and produce a schematic design including costing for our clubhouse facility. This schematic design will be presented for review/approval at both the Committee and Board levels prior to being presented to KYC members for consideration and discussion at a ?Town Hall? type member meeting in early October. The plan will then be tweaked in response to the comments received prior to being presented for approval at the AGM in November.

The KYC Strategic Planning Committee and Board of Directors thank all KYC members for their support with this endeavour. Members may send any questions to manager@kingstonyachtclub.com or talk to a committee or Board member when you are at the club.

Supporting Documents

We have prepared the following documents which outline our progress to-date as part of the Strategic Planning process.

Strategic Planning - Town Hall Summary
Strategic Planning - Town Hall Summary (June 1, 2011)

KYC Survey Results - (June 1, 2011)

Strategic Planning - Survey - Written Comments Summary (June 1, 2011)

Slides from the Speaker Series March 23-2011

Slides from the Strategic Plan presentation at the 2011 AGM