State of the Club Webinar No 1


Thursday February 25, 2021

    7:00 PM


In preparation for the Special General Meeting scheduled for March 25, 2021, the Board of Directors want to ensure that the membership has important information to consider.

Two … yes TWO exciting webinars have been scheduled for your Board to update you on the current state of affairs and on the challenges that lay ahead. KYC belongs to its members and the Board is anxious to ensure that the members have their say on its future.

Webinar 1 is scheduled for February 25 at 7 p.m. Topics will include an overview of: 

  • the current financial outlook for the club, 
  • the principles guiding current and forecasted club operations, 
  • the budget, 
  • members account challenges and proposed solutions,
  • revisiting monthly billing, 
  • the current organizational and staffing structure, and
  • an overview of upcoming club events.

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Webinar 2 will be scheduled before the SGM in March, and will include a presentation regarding the Club’s capital assets and infrastructure and will present a number of different options for facility renewal that have been considered over the past several years in the hopes of inspiring our members' imagination as we look forward to our next 125 years.