Cruising - Awards

Cruising Fleet Awards

The KYC Cruising Fleet Members are KYC Members in good standing. They can be easily identified afloat by their Cruising Pennant(s), flown below the KYC Burgee on each boat’s signal halyard. Pennants are issued to all Cruising Fleet members, starting with the basic pennant, the 5-year, 10-year,15-year, and 20-year pennants. Please contact the Fleet Chair(s) directly should you require a Cruising Pennant. KYC Burgees may be purchased from the KYC Manager’s Office.

The Cruising Fleet Awards are to inspire cruisers to spend more time on the water and explore new places near Kingston or far away. The Awards recognize and celebrate these achievements.

Application or nomination for these awards needs to be emailed to the Cruising Chair(s) by the 3rd Monday in October. For self-reporting application applicants should send their log or a list of ports of call along with their overall distance covered.

 The Awards

The Fort Frontenac Cruising Cup (FFCC) – To meet the requirements for the award, cruisers must voyage to a set of destinations on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. The FFCC Log lists the requirements that need to be completed to earn this award and is available here:  FFCC log for Cruisers (full page) or FFCC log for Cruisers (booklet form) The requirements for the FFC Cup may take several seasons to complete.

 The Brass Winch Award – Recognition for doing something good for another boater, in terms of rendering assistance, demonstrating extraordinarily good seamanship or enhancing safety.

 The Broken Winch Award – Recognition of an unfortunate event or incident of the past season, where perhaps an aspect of good seamanship is lacking or one’s unusual actions were (sadly) witnessed. Launch your spinnaker upside down, perhaps? Have a fantastic shoal performance?

The Long-Haul Award – For those boaters who have voyaged on their boat in saltwater for at least 1 month. Saltwater begins at approximately Québec City QC and Albany NY. Such a voyage may span more than a single season and will be considered complete returning to KYC.

Lake Ontario Circumnavigation Award – This trophy will be awarded to the KYC Cruiser who, in a single voyage while on their own yacht and while flying the KYC Burgee, circumnavigates Lake Ontario beginning and ending at KYC. The circumnavigation will be completed when one or more overnight stops have been recorded in each quadrant of the lake with not fewer than six nights in total. The following ports help define the quadrants but are not limited to these ports.

·         North-east: Trenton, Belleville, Picton, Cape Vincent, Sackets Harbor
or Henderson Harbor;

·         South-east: Oswego, Sodus Bay, Pultneyville, or Rochester;

·         South-west: Youngstown, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Port Dalhousie, or Hamilton;

·         North-west: Burlington, Port Credit, Toronto, Pickering, Whitby, or Coburg.


KYC Cruisers Trophy – This trophy will be awarded to a KYC cruiser who, while on their own yacht and flying the KYC Burgee, voyages the greatest number of nautical miles in fresh water in a single season between launch and haul out.

Distance Pennants – The KYC Cruising Distance Flags are for any KYC Cruising Member who, while on their own yacht and flying the KYC burgee, voyages the required number of nautical miles in a single season between launch and haul out. Eligibility for a Distance Flag is based upon the member’s self report of nautical miles logged.

The Pennants to recognize the number of nautical miles sailed are:
250-nautical miles
500-nautical miles
1000-nautical miles

Main Duck Pennant  -- Awarded for a journey to Main Duck Island and staying at least one night either at the dock in School House Bay or anchored.

1000 Islands Pennant  -- There are 18 Canada Parks Islands in the 1000 Islands. Moor/dock/anchor overnight according to the two pennant options listed:

  1. Visit at least 10 Islands in one season: any 4 from the Admiralty group, 1 from the Navy Group, 1 from the Lake Fleet, any 4 from the Cedar, Georgina/Constance (paired as 1), Grenadier (West, Central and East)

  2. Visit at least 12 Islands over two consecutive seasons: 10 islands as described in the one season requirement, plus the more distant Adelaide and Stovin.

Around Prince Edward County Pennant  -- Voyage all the way around Prince Edward County as part of a single trip. Available once.

Events Pennant  -- Attend at least half of the official Cruiser events in a season. Odd numbers of offered events get rounded up. For example, you must attend 3 of 5 or 3 of 6 to earn this pennant. Available annually.

Note -- the distance pennants and the Events pennants are available each season. The other pennants are one off awards. In other words, sailing twice to Main Duck does not earn an extra pennant.